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My final word (if you've developed a distaste for me, please don't read...)

This is bound to get under people's skin, but it will be my last public
defence of my personality.  Many of you have branded me an asshole, and
asked me "politely" to leave.  I really can't heed this request.  I can,
however, comply with people's wished not to read a "flame war" (really not
my intention in the first place) in the group.  An apology is in order for
the last post as I didn't intend for it to go public.  Just forgot to take
the address out of the CC.  Hopefully after this post we can lay this thing
to rest.  I'm as tired writing about myself as you probably are of hearing
it.  So here goes nothing...

>Why is it necessary to challenge people openly?  There are many less
>confrontational ways of making a point, and getting others to listen even in
>the public-post domain.  One such device is called tact.   It's fine to
>disagree with people, but to make it a point to bash YOUR point of view into
>said people is to discredit yourself, and get branded an "asshole."  

I'd like to make this point clear.  I'm not looking to change people's point
of view.  I'm not going for the conversion.  I know that is an
impossibility.  You ask why it's necessary to challenge people, well, it
really isn't.  Unless of course said person is spreading an ignorant point
of view.  The original poster had much to say about Asians in Rock, but
didn't realize the racial putdown's contained within ("is it something about
us that is uncool, or unhip and we just can't groove?").  I know that part
of assimilation with western civilization means wanting to fit in.  Putting
down your own race doesn't accomplish that.  

>It's fine that you picked up on "something so blatant" and were so (insert
>modifier here) that you posted about it.  Being a student in a fine arts
>department has taught me how to bring up a point totally opposite to
>another's, and not make a personal attack.  It's not that hard to learn.  I
>admit that some of Geneyus' posts have annoyed me because of his sheer
>inability to be "polite to others."  Good points have been made, but they
>could have been made better.  No one wants to talk to a time bomb.

I'm not a time bomb.  People probably picture me sitting in a dark basement
somewhere concocting my master plan for world domination with my Cardboard
cut-out friends.  I'm not the Unabomber, much less the SloanNet bomber.  I
think the sarcasm of my first posts were missed.  All of a sudden I get tons
of mail blasting me for being an asshole.  After my first post someone got
so upset that he unsubscribed.  God, you'd think I'd have to say something
truly horrific to accomplish that.  Needless to say, I didn't.  What I said
shouldn't have been life altering.  So who's offbalance in this situation?
I sent this person an e-mail asking him why he got so upset.  I apologized
and asked him not to leave on my account.  He never got back to me.  I put
the ball in his court and he just slammed it into the net.  From that point
on lies the truly unfortunate part of this whole situation.  As I cruised
through SloanNet, the role of asshole just came along for the ride.  I'm not
really uncomfortable with it because I do stand behind the things I say, in
fact, I'll do it again if the situation calls for it.  But believe me in
most situations I can be very nice.

>There is someone in my class very similar in nature, and almost no one
>listens to him, because almost no one can get through the whole "asshole"
>layer.  He is harsh and abraisive, but sometimes has something good to say,
>but again can't say it well, without most of us rolling our eyes.  It really
>is a shame.  All it takes is to get over the initial gut reaction and think
>a little.  It takes practice, but people will start to listen, and maybe
>some good discussion can take place (ie: something other than "you
>suck...fuck off" or "you're wrong, I'm right.  That's all there is to it.")

How can you judge me based on a series of posts?  You definitely have more
contact with this person from your class.  I think I've maybe had four or
five posts to SloanNet.  Believe me, SloanNet doesn't encompass my life.  It
just keeps me amused during the long day at work.

And for those of you who think I simply want the last word, that isn't at
all true.  If you want to blast me with more hate mail (some of the things
I've read have been way more irrational than I've ever been...believe
me...), please feel free.  Let's just do the civilized thing and keep it
behind closed doors.  You bring the handcuffs, I'll take care of the whips.

Admiration to the rest,