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cbh&sloan on cbc

hey kidz,

cbc radio sunday morning are doing a story about sloan.
they actually sent a reporter down from toronto just
to interview the band and some other locals.  it's
going to air not this sunday, but next.  i'll post
more detailed information later about exactly when
it's going to be on.

speaking of cbc, i was listening to my tape of
realtime from last saturday (a listmember who must
remain nameless asked me to tape the everclear gig),
and i heard "too much kathleen" by cool blue halo
for the first time.  and boy is it good.  there's
something strangely comforting about how, years
since they started, cbh are still writing these
poppy songs about crushes on girls.  :-)  i know,
"too much kathleen in my system", kind of a bad pun
but sometimes cheesy puns work incredibly well in
pop songs (cf. sloan) and that's definitely the case
here.  and yes, very beatles.  i like.  i think
melissa buote was the person who requested that the
show play it, am i right?

by the way, check out the current (april 15) issue
of _maclean's_ newsmagazine (those of you in canada,
anyway).  there's a full page story about my employer,
andrew cochran.  go figure.