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Re: super beatlez

>hey, weren't the super friendz touted by murder as "our new beatles" in one
>of their mini catalogue thingies? and my friend noticed that the two
>pictures of the super friendz in the cd  insert's sorta like the pictures in
>the beatles' red anthology album, where they have the original pic of 'em on
>a balcony, and one of 'em later on in the same positions. wow.

And speaking of Super Friendz pictures, I was looking thru my clippings
collections the other day, and of about a dozen SFz articles, ten had the
same damn shot of them in the alleyway. Why always that same shot? Are there
no other good pictures of the band? Are they notoriously camera-shy or
something? Do they think they lose their souls with each picture?

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