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Re: Grifters (SORRY NO E.C.C.)

not only am i missing the archers of loaf(twice), but in the same month, 
i'm missing the grifters?!?!?

there's got to be a festival in the fall somewhere, where i could plan to 
go see both of these bands, let's get one going in shediac, that's what I 
say. :)


> I'm wondering if anyone out there is planning on seeing the grifters 
> in Toronto on the 20th of April. Since I'm still in Wolfville, I don't 
> know how likely it is that this show will sell out. If there is 
> anyone in the Toronto area that could find out for me (or even pick 
> up a ticket for me) I would be eternally grateful. Please e-mail me 
> privately.....thanx
>                         m.m.m