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Re:Asians and indie rock

>You see the main problem about SloanNet is that people are so polite to
>others. No one challenges people...well except MLC.  Whoever wrote the
>original post made such broad sweeping generalizations that I had to
>respond. To think that people could actually print something so blatant and
>get away with it is laughable.

I'm not one taken to public bashing or preaching about being nice, and I
feel uneasy doing this since this will probably be my last post since my
school year has come to a close (I can hear cries of "there goes the wimp
that can't handle criticism, so he does HIS criticising when no one can
touch him), but here goes...

Why is it necessary to challenge people openly?  There are many less
confrontational ways of making a point, and getting others to listen even in
the public-post domain.  One such device is called tact.   It's fine to
disagree with people, but to make it a point to bash YOUR point of view into
said people is to discredit yourself, and get branded an "asshole."  

It's fine that you picked up on "something so blatant" and were so (insert
modifier here) that you posted about it.  Being a student in a fine arts
department has taught me how to bring up a point totally opposite to
another's, and not make a personal attack.  It's not that hard to learn.  I
admit that some of Geneyus' posts have annoyed me because of his sheer
inability to be "polite to others."  Good points have been made, but they
could have been made better.  No one wants to talk to a time bomb.

There is someone in my class very similar in nature, and almost no one
listens to him, because almost no one can get through the whole "asshole"
layer.  He is harsh and abraisive, but sometimes has something good to say,
but again can't say it well, without most of us rolling our eyes.  It really
is a shame.  All it takes is to get over the initial gut reaction and think
a little.  It takes practice, but people will start to listen, and maybe
some good discussion can take place (ie: something other than "you
suck...fuck off" or "you're wrong, I'm right.  That's all there is to it.")

I hope this makes sense and isn't taking up unnecessary space.  Sorry for
the length.

This is an unpaid public service announcement to help keep Sloan-Net a
user-friendly electronic DISCUSSION zone.