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Coax Me Video

Well, I thought I'd come out of lurker mode for this one.

The "Coax Me" video came out here in the states on a video
compilation called "Rock Video Monthly".  I've never seen it
anywhere else.  The video is just the guys on a soundstage.
It has a very 60's video feel.  [i.e. four way split screen
images in four different colors, red,blue,yellow and green].

The interesting thing I noticed that on the copy I have,
the left channel rhythm guitar got left of of the soundtrack.
It's missed, too.  The song sounds completely different without

Has anyone else noticed this or is it just the version that
came out on the compilation that has the second guitar missing?

Anyway, "Coax Me" is my second favorite video -- second only
to "Underwhelmed". Unfortunlatey, here in the states, we've
only been lucky enough to see the two.  I don't even know if
there are/have been more.

Well, TA!  [back into lurker mode]