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Re:Asians and indie rock

>On Thu, 11 Apr 1996, Cat wrote:
>> But a cruel fact is that Drew, with the exception of that girl from 
>> cub (I'm sorry!  I can't remember her name!!!)  there are very few 
>> orientals in bands.  Um, I really can't think of anyone else, othere than 
>> my cousins who were in bands, or one cousin who currently is.  I mean, is 
>> it something about us that is uncool, or unhip and we just can't groove?  
>> Or is it that the cool type of music is the syth-dance crap stuff that I 
>> find a lot of orientals are into.  I rather think that my choice of music 
>> is at least healthier.  Besides, they all dress up all posh and 
>> stuff, trying to be real cool.  Any ideas people?  Just a thought... 

This thread has always puzzled me.  I'm sure I haven't followed it long
enough to add my two cents (as some of you thread-hounds are so quick to
remind me), but here goes.  What the hell difference does it make?  I'm sure
Drew , the girl from cub, your cousins, and any other person of the oriental
persuasion are sick to death of people putting a multi-cultural bent on
them. It probably doesn't make a lick of difference to them or their music.
My band, My Pet Genius, has an oriental member and we never get asked about
it.  Being oriental has nothing to do with making music.  Coincidentally, it
also has nothing to do with ability or what kind of music you listen to.

One other nit-picky point...you are not cool simply by job description.  Not
all musicians are the nicest, coolest, most "hippest" people.  A lot are
arrogant dickheads.

And to all interested parties...check out the My Pet Genius web page...


...is that off topic?  I mentionned it in response to oriental people?
That's what the original post was about?  Oh and thanks for feeding my
neuroses, you victims of protocol...