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Re:Asians and indie rock

On 15 Apr 96 at 16:01, psavage\!/toronto.cbc.ca wrote:

}You see the main problem about SloanNet is that people are so polite to

Excuse me, but since when is politeness a problem?

}No one challenges people...well except MLC.

Who is MLC?
There is no need to challenge *people*, especially people you have 
never met and know nothing about.  If you disagree with someone's 
viewpoint on a subject, then you challenge their *viewpoint*.  
There's a subtle difference, but subtlety does not appear to be 
your forte.

}Whoever wrote the
}original post made such broad sweeping generalizations that I had to

You made an attack on someone's post and don't even remember who it 

}To think that people could actually print something so blatant and
}get away with it is laughable.

One need not believe everything that is written here.  Some of the 
posts are opinion rather than fact, some of the facts are distorted 
rumour, some of the posts are sheer concoction for the sake of 
entertainment.  "If you see it in the SloanNet, it's so" does not 
hold here, Virginia.  That is where the *discussion* comes in.  
Friendly debate.  Not name-calling and macho posturing.  Maybe a 
little wit and sarcasm to keep things interesting.

}Oh and your character assessment of me is bang on...I'm a total asshole.

Ah, irony.