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Re: Black Hip Hop

Actually, the black population in all the province is about 30,000 folks, 
of which about a third live in 'fax.  That doesn't hold a candle to 
Toronto or Montreal, but it is a big population, especially considering how 
most people of african decent ended up in Nova Scotia, as Loyalist 
settlers after 1776, or as freed slaves, let go by the British in the 
1830-1860 when the RN captured american slave ships, after the Empire 
abolished slavery, rather then as (more) recent immigrants.  The (un)reasons 
which create our virtual aparthied system in Nova Scotia have long deep and 
distinct historical roots, which is why it is so hard to bring down.

Considering Universal Soul (an all black hip hop act) has played the 
McInnis Room, several Green Rooms, and the Deuce at least once, I'm 
suprised you indie rock dudes don't remember them more.  Contact David 
Adekayode at the Black Music Project 425.2995 if you want to try and 
build some bridges to the other underground community here in 'fax.


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