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Re: Players who sing bass?? What???

>Yeah, I am just gonna throw out this little
>bit of science to those who are interested.
>It makes total sence for a bass player to
>sing lead, seeing as it is an easier guitar
>to play (Don't get me wrong, it's not easy, 
>but I find it eaisER). So yeah, if the playing
>requires less of you attention then you can 
>sing on key, or at least close as the case 
>may be. Ever hear of Motorhead? Word.

This is a total cop-out.  Playing bass isn't really easier technically.  It
has it's own set of unique problems.  If you're a player who plays just the
root notes of the chords then yes, it can be easy.  But if you want to make
the music more interesting you have a resource with infinite possibilities.
An intrument is only as interesting as you make it.  Alot of bass players
are content to take the easy road.  Whether or not that's so they can sing
is besides the point.  If you really only want to concentrate on one thing,
why even try to do two things at once?