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broken girl song question..

hey folksies!

wow, you're gone one week, and 205 messages (sloannet only) pile up!  *whew*!

i got the broken girl cd, and i totally *love* it.  really delicate, 
beautiful songs, and the cutest pictures of the claytor family :)  a real 
treat to listen to.  kinda weird how this cd has a slightly sped up (only 
slightly) version of "soon coming closer", while the moncton comp has a 
slower version of "eyes shut".  neat-o.

now, there's the song "grammy" on the cd, and i remember reading that 
julie's part in the "intro..." on _purple blue_ is called "grammy" too.  
the lyrics and melody are kinda different (ok, i'm not so sure about the 
melody part -- maybe i'm still jet-lagged ;) ).  are these technically 
the same song, and the version on _purple blue_ being a continuation, 
considering that there's a 5 month span between the two recordings?

also, does anyone know the title of the broken girl song where the chorus 
goes "and you've changed, how strange/and i didn't even get to explain.."

the ottawa express (xpress?) refers to plumtree's "shoot to scoop" as 
eric's trip-esque!?!?!  HUH?  ("They even take a glance at the strange 
journey into Eric's Trip country with 'Shoot To Scoop'.")

short sidenotes:  MIKE is the bass player of the inbreds, DAVE is the 
drummer... if i play air guitar, would that count as being an oriental in 
a band? ;) (or can i masquerade as robynn in cub, cathy? ;) ).. and 
cathy, we're bringin' drew a big mac or something the next time we see 
'em ;)  leave the sake at home this time...

				...sizzle teen

p.s.  rumour has it that there are only *2* canadian dates on the next 
eric's trip tour, the last date being on may 20th at a venue t.b.a. in 
toronto.  but you didn't hear this from me.  i don't spread or ask for 
toronto concert info ;) (guilty as charged!) (hey, does this mean that 
i'll actually be able to go "down in *flames*"???  ;) )

sizzle teen :)  cc501\!/torfree.net / nishitc\!/tc.gc.ca
"Dancing came next and a kiss
 or two and 'I love you' "