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Black Hip Hop

On 10 Apr 96 at 19:19, affleck\!/ug.cs.dal.ca wrote way down low in 
his list of Pee Esses:

}Scarce:  Joyce doesn't actually play anything very technically exciting,
}her gift comes from putting several orders of magnitude (see?  I really
}am a science student) more energy into her playing.  That's what makes her
}so good.

Yeah, that's what I meant.  Sorry if I, a non-musician, led anyone 
to believe that I could comment knowledgeably about anyone's 
technical ability.  But I read the original post as asking for 
interesting female bassists both technical and otherwise.

Pee Ess did you work out that algorithm problem?

}by the way, does anyone else find it interesting that with the exception of
}Check Luv, there really aren't any well known black hip hop performers in

The last time I recall this topic coming up, the poster was 
chastised by Chekluv himself for referring to HCG as a white band.  
That was good for a laugh.
There is certainly a black rap scene in Halifax, but it doesn't 
mingle with the indie rock scene.  I'll make reference to DJ Jo Run, 
who is the biggest name I'm familiar with, but he's not black 
either.  Check out who's playing the Gravitee or the Derby some 
weekend.  Listen to CKDU: The Flava Monday afternoon, the Bassment 
with DJ Critical aka Stinkin' Rich on Tuesday night, Curbside on 
Friday, or Funk in Effect on Sunday.  If anything's happening 
they'll know about it.  Or read the cover story in the current issue 
of EarCandy, the CKDU program guide.

}So why no black artists?  As far as I am aware of, halifax has one of (or
}the) largest black populations of any city in the maritimes, and surely
}there must be a few that are into performing hip hop.  

I think it's one of the largest black communities in Canada, 
especially post-amalgamation.

So do they just
}not have the money to get good equipment and stuff (that doesn't seem to
}stop six too), or do they just not have enough white friends who run
}record labels, what?  Am I totally off the mark here?

No, you're probably dead on.