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Re: this, that, the other thing.

> >Before I give this weeks tour update for No bands, I'd just like to say 
> >that any of you boys refering to 'becky West and Alison Outhit as "a 
> >chick rocker" may be, in fact, flirting with death. :)
> unless, of course, they've heard of irony.
> you know, "irony"?  :-)

Oh, yes, I forgot.  Irony.  I forgot James has the exclusive license to 
use and exploit irony in this forum.  Good thing nobody else ever uses 
irony, or they would be in big trouble!  I guess the rest of us will have 
to just resort to being really really unsubtile in their posts, like this 
one is.  No irony here.