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Cool Blue Halo show

Last night Cool Blue Halo played in Charlottetown with Madhat and 
Strawberry.  It was a great show...the crowd was small but 
appreciative and things ran pretty smoothly considering CBH missed 
their ferry and got to the barn like a 1/2 hour before their set.  

Strawberry played a really good, tight set.  The sound was AMAZING!  
For those of you that went to the no cases at the barn, this was like 
the polar opposite.  Their 7" is theoretically going to be released 
in 2 or 3 weeks, it has 2 tracks off of their upcoming album....

Scott is singing a lot more with Strawberry now -- the band used to 
be totally fronted by Deirdre, but he is bringing a lot of the Good 
Guy Eddie stuff into this band...it sounds great.  They're the shit =)

Madhat played a wicked set too...they played a few of the old songs 
from _Freak_ and some of the new _Hardhitters_ stuff including the 
soon to be released on video "the ride"...it's a great single...

Cool Blue Halo's set was really really amazing.  Their live version 
of 'Sweetie Said' was a huge hit with all the folks that were 
there...they, too, played some of the older stuff and their new 
single 'Too Much Kathleen'.  they just wrapped the video on Friday 
night, and from what it sounds like, it should be a damn good one.  
It's directed by the same guy that did 'Sweetie Said' so who knows 
what the hell it will look like when it's done...

Here's the highlight of the evening:  the guys from Cool Blue Halo 
come in at like 11:00 and Jason come up the stairs with is bass in 
one hand and merch in the other and then he says Hi and waves 
and boom, he's on the ground....yes, that's right, he fell down the 
stairs....well, actually up the stairs....it took him a few minutes 
to get up again, but he regained composure quickly =)

The show was great...and it looks like all the kids from Ch'town that 
have been kept out of our shows for the past 4 months are going to 
show up in full force for the Little Orton Hoggett show on the 26th 
and the Eric's Trip/Orange Glass show on the 27th.

what a weekend.