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this, that, the other thing.

hey folks, guess what?  i'm working on a new
sloan-netiquette guide.  i'm basing it on
one that i found on the web.  i should be
mailing out a beta version soon that you
are all invited to comment on.

and i understand that another member of
the list is working on an FAQ.

by the way, rebecca west played last night
in halifax in front of only 30 people.
now, i know it's exam week, i know that
probably those who *did* go out went to
the aids benefit at birdland, i know
various regulars were out of town...
but *30* people for *rebecca west*?

except for one song that got totally
screwed up, it was one of those really
good low-key sets that they do from
time to time.  you know, the weird
thing is, the more depressing and un-pop
they get, the more i like them.  i don't
know what that says about me.  :-)

now a little note of explanation about
a post by waye...

From: Waye Mason <aa551\!/ccn.cs.dal.ca>
>James, is there a FAQ on this?

this part was addressed to me, i guess.
and like i said, it is now being actively
worked on.

>PS James, if Cool Blue being "like the Beatles" is a sin against the 
>alterna- gods, then I guess you won't like the new Sloan, eh? :)

this, on the hand, was address to james rocchi, i believe.
that is to say, i would never slag a band for sounding like
the beatles!  of course, i might slag them for doing a 
bad job of it.  :-)  but let me not bring up the nouveau-brit-pop
controversy again.  :-)

>Before I give this weeks tour update for No bands, I'd just like to say 
>that any of you boys refering to 'becky West and Alison Outhit as "a 
>chick rocker" may be, in fact, flirting with death. :)

unless, of course, they've heard of irony.
you know, "irony"?  :-)

ok, i'm going to go try to catch up with the rest of my email now!


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