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Re: 5" (was: some things (Re: plumtree))

Got lots of responses on the 5" thing. Just a quick comment.

>On 13 Apr 96 at 15:22, math student 
>palwilki\!/undergrad.math.uwaterloo.ca wrote:

Thanks for going out of your way to make fun of me in your quoting
mechanism, but I'm not in math. I just have an account there. Not that it
matters. I just made a simple slip-up. I knew y'all would be understanding.

I don't HAVE $400 to spend on a Technics turntable. My needle is worn enough
as it is. I have a $30 used unit that will last me at least until I graduate.

Labels, no matter how cool something may look, it isn't worth it if the
average record-buyer can't use it. Why not just put out 5" coasters with a
hole in the middle?

Hoping not to cause another avalance of repetitive messages,

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