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pete elkas, superstud

or was it joey jeremiah?  i forget.  anyway, i interviewed pete of the
local rabbits on my radio show friday night.  i know that EVERYONE now
knows this since, being the moron i am, i mailed two things to
sloannet instead of just james.  i apologize.  anyway, the interview
brought out some interesting facts about "you can't touch this".
unspeakable things......jon:"so, first off we have to talk about the
title of this album "you can't touch this".  do you guys have a hammer
fixation?" pete:"well, it actually came from a long list of album
titles that jay and khris murphie had made up and they forced us to
use it."
jon:"so you're saying you guys have no artistic control?"
pete:"none whatsoever."
      -and later-
pete:"actually, i have the official response.  i just got this fax
from murder today and they told me to say this......"the reason for
our naming the album YOU CAN'T TOUCH THIS is to hide the fact that we
are actually very cocky.""
-then another interesting story came out later.....-
jon:"so you guys are pretty good friends with thrush hermit.  when did y
ou guys first meet them...?"
pete:"um, we met them on a school hiking trip, um, like it was kind of
funny because it both our different schools but not traditional
educational institutions but schools of thought that both thrush
hermit and the local rabbits were into and both our separate teachers
took us on a hiking trip down to mt. whiteface in the states and we
sort of ran into them on top of this mountain and the way it happened
was that my hiking stick...like i let my hiking stick just go on the
ground and it's really special to me because i got it from my
grandfather and joel's hiking stick got left on the ground too and i
picked up his and he picked up mine but luckily we had our separate
addresses on them carved into them so when it came time to retrieve
them i got mine back and he got his back and we decided "hey we're in
the same approximate age group.  why don't we get
together and see if there is a friendship that can be made out of this
encounter?" and so we got together and played a show at sneakey dee's
in toronto and since then we sort of......now i'm back of a more
serious note.....but right away we clicked with those guys because i
had heard in impact that joel like springsteen but this whole time i
had been wondering because i didn't want springsteen to fall into this
whole 80's disgusting, um, pastiche thing, you know when people are
totally making fun of eighties stuff....and i didn't want bruce to
fall into this category.  and i had heard in an interview that joel
had liked bruce and i wanted to make sure it was real..legit...when we
met them at sd's we totally exchanged bruce trivia and i figured out
that ian is a major fan too and everybody is pretty much......."

cool.  so anyway, they have applied to videofact to do "(sally ann's)
style denial".  it'll be the first single and cd singles will be out
soon.  and they will pretty much be covering the country this summer,
so look out!  rock on, jon