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Re: be gentle

	If you want some good "Chick" bass playing, check out the talking 
heads, or even "GASP" the Spoons.

On Tue, 9 Apr 1996 Bucketridr\!/aol.com wrote:

> if i'm going to get flamed-oh f'n well-
> just a couple things-none of them particularly e.c related-1st-even if there
> was an another *can-indie* list-how many of you people would be subscribing
> to both anyways & having ot go through all the same mail no matter
> what-loosen up
> 2nd-maybe it's just the variety i find here in the u.s.a (i reside in chapel
> hill, NC)-but why is every(with the exception of the grooves laid down by
> whover the bassist is for luscious jackson & michelle n'dege ocello-or
> whatever HER name is) female bass player i've heard nothing short of
> TALENTLESS-it just seems to be *ohh let's have a chick in our band-it
> shouldn't be too hard to find one who can keep a steady beat*-i'm not
> knocking on women in any way as a whole-or saying they can't have any
> artistic merit just the american bass playing variety blow really hard-if
> anybody would like to send me (i'll pay ya' don't worry)-some examples of
> some true inspired talented dynamic whatever female bass playing to change my
> mind i'd love it to high heaven-& of course not to say all male bass players
> kick ass or something-the oh so loved chris murphy has the same *well i can
> keep a beat* style too-oh well-
> if you want to hear some drum playing that just rides the music through &
> through-check out capsize7's album *mephisto* (in response to another thread)
> -alan