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some things (Re: plumtree....)

1. re: plumtree in ottawa - the band are going to be up there next week for 
the YTV youth awards (or whatever they are called), and they're doing a 
one-off show.  no plans on tours yet.

2. for john sproull: the guy you're thinking of is ben harper.  the album is 
called "free your mind" and it's a'ight.  nothing matches that great song 
with the video, the rest of it is very depressed acoustic stuff, bit 
still a pretty good album.  he's an incredible guitar player.

3. anyone have a review for the thursday night attack of the yarmouth 
bands at the birdland?  i hear that rome plows (not yarmouth) played their 
best show ever ...  the rp's should also have a tape ready for release 
this coming week - they recorded a whack of songs last night at deep shit 
nine ... can't wait!

4. thanks to all of you guys who have been so kind as to help out with 
pat's compressor dillema, we've got a couple of tricks up our sleeves 
now, involving some multiple switching, and this crazy effect i wired up 
out of an old digitech expression pedal.  watch out ...

5.  to all of you who have been asking (publically and privately): no 
word on a sloan tour as of yet.  well, no dates confirmed as of yet, but 
the planning is in the works for a *very* brief upper/lower canadian 
thing.  westerners, don't get your hopes up, but you can always come to 
the pop explosion, and they'll probably play that.  whatever ... that is 
if there is a pop explosion...

6.  the motes plan to have three or four mini albums released this 
summer: they've got upwards of twenty songs in various stages of 
recordedness, and they're going to try to slowly release them all, six or 
seven at a time...  plus the motes/champs split on daydream/ant is still 
forthcoming, although it hasn't been recorded yet, you can still look for 
it in june.

7.  the state champs "nevada downs" 7" is back in print!  if you want one 
of these hot tamales, write to:daydream records, po box 29057, halifax 
shopping centre, hfx, ns, B3L 4T8, canada.  and ask for one.  they are $5 
plus some postage ... the new covers look sweet (all of you who missed 
the original hand-screened run of 7"s will not be too disappointed.)

8.  someone mentioned something about murder releasing a superfriendz 10" 
ep, and how it would be cool to do a lot of these.  well, that probably 
ain't going to happen, for the sole reason that 10"s are incredibly 
expensive to produce, and they don't seem to sell very well at all.  your 
unit cost is really high, because they are such A specialty item, plus 
finding bags and making covers eats up a lot of $$$.  but they are
the coolest looking of all formats, except for those cute little 5" records.

9.  a friendly reminder to all of you stateside kids who might be going 
to loud music festival 1996 in northampton, MA, look for the state champs 
on stage with milk, boyracer, jack frosting, papas fritas, and the flying 
nuns at the iron horse on saturday evening.  it's gonna kick ace.