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Re: be gentle

On Wed, 10 Apr 1996, Ian wrote:

>   Women 
> > tend to get stuck behind the base, which sucks...but it must produce SOME 
> > good musicians...!  Base is kinda easy to play, but like someone else 
> > said, hard to perfect.  
> What?  *Bass* (as opposed to base) is not easy to play.  The first person to 
gee...was that a subtle play on words there folks or what?! 
i guess it's no use having verbal fun here!
now that you know...just seeee if you can figure out what i meant by that 
and by the way, i can pick up just about any tune on a basey bass ( 
my dad even has a stand up, now i definitly can't play that one! but 
a history in violin helps)...but i can't perfect it...that's damn hard to do.

> extoll their virtues on the bass, while remarking how easy it is to play, 
> probably doesn't know how to.
> ian
> p.s.  I heard there was a new Elevator to Hell coming out, and I was wondering 
> if anybody could confirm this as fact.
ask before you write darlin'!