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Re: Sloan/et songs

On Fri, 12 Apr 1996 cklutz\!/buffnet.net wrote:

> but i don't want to guess. i would just love to see them play smother live.
> jumpin' screamin'.  lovely.  but it would be just as awesome when they would
> tone down to play "bells on" though.

you mean "tune down" to play bells on, don't you? last time i checked in 
on our favorite band in practice, they were dropping down to a low Ab for 
that one ... fuck!  that's some heavy heavy shit.  good thing jay bought 
that PRS guitar, 'cause i don't think the neck on his thinline could 
handle that kind of craziness.  i was helping patrick tweak his rack for 
the upcoming tour and we came up with some really good sounds ..,  
wait'll you hear "penpals"!!!  it's gonna be awesome - we totally scooped 
out all of the mids from his eq, and then we ran the whole thing through 
this AMAZING a.r.t. compressor that really cleaned up the whole thing.  
we slapped a nice gate and a bit of slapback delay on it, filled it out 
with some good digital plate reverb and WOAH!  that sound kicks ass.  his 
MESA/boogie never sounded so sweet... also, does wnyone know where to get 
replacement parts for a hartke systems bass cab?  when chris and i were 
jamming together the other day we bi-amped his hartke through this eden 
beast that was kicking around the practice space, and it was pretty 
monstrous ... it hurt my tummy.  you should see the size of chris' 
forarms these days, wow, all of those fast palm mutes are really starting 
to build up his strength.  i think the metal pick eally adds a lot to the 

ok - i've got a question:  should jay put his tubeworks preamp before or 
after his compressor in his rack?  i really like the way it sounds 
before, and so doeas jay, but every once n a while a note will slip 
through the compresor's range and it'll be totally over amplified!  and 
when you put it after the preamp it kind of dries out the sound.  it 
totally looses hat great "warm" and "punchy" sound.  i talked to my 
friend albini and he agreed, he's got the same problem!  (oh yeah, chris 
murphy: steve say thanks for the tip on the kubicki bass. he's really 
happy with it, watch out for it on the new shellac record).

also: any drummers out there have any suggestions on how andrew should go 
for his new tour kit? maple 5-ply shells are good enough for the studio, 
but they don't cut through enough live.  i suggested 20-ply ultra-thin 
birch with high tension lugs and a nice suspension mounting system.  i 
set him up with my friend from pork pie percussion who just prepping hreb 
alexander's kit for the new primus tour.  i think sndrew's gonna be 
stoked.  he might even get ed "big daddy" roth to do a custom flame job 
on them.  that[d be sweet.  andrew's been working really hard on his 
open-arm technique, so he's moved onto a symmetrical setup to facilitate 
the more linear grooves he wants to drop.  i hear he's been studying with 
steve gadd, and that he's really learned a lot.  i think he even learned 
how to pull off the groove from "50 ways to leave your lover," so sloan 
might cover it on the new tour.

hey BIG NEWS!!!!!!!  jay and pat both landed deals to endorse dean 
markley cryogenically frozen strings!  awesome!  they are so set up now ...