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Re: L.C. 1995

On Fri, 12 Apr 1996, Bob Reeves wrote:

> Actually, Shant and Katrina taped the last evening of the 1995 LC and the
> sound is PHENOMENAL!!  I think they recorded it directly off the board or
> something.  It was the only time I heard Sloan do Guidance Counsellor,
> although maybe they've done it at other shows that I haven't seen.
> Anyways, if you sufficiently bribe Shant, I'm sure he could give anyone
> interested a copy.  You can email him at <ag344\!/ccn.cs.dal.ca>.  Whatever
> he charges, it'll be worth it.

man...i must've been *so* stoned, because i don't remember this 
one.....and it's too bad too, because i heard rumours that it was the 
last sloan show *ever*! man....what losers! i've been to *4* last shows, 
but remember only *3*.
.....and who could forget chris belting out that polka version of 
"underwhelmed" on the accordian (besides me if i didn't have it to listen