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The Amazing True Story of the Superfriendz Name

Dear Captive Audience,
	Here's the real story (and it's not really that interesting):

Charles and Drew were in a band called Rhinoplasty a few years ago.
The bass player and singer, Greg Tymoshenko, wanted to call that band the 
Super Friends, but they vetoed it as being too cheesy (though they did 
like it better than his original suggestion - The Champions). A couple of 
years down the road, I guess they warmed up to The Super Friendz handle 
and the rest is history. I don't really know if the cartoon had much to 
do with it, I think it was just the "pathetic losers banded together" 
angle that appealed to the band.
By the way, if you have access to a community radio station, check out 
the Superfriendz' Karate Man cd-single. It has a great Rhinoplasty song 
on it. Greg went on to be 1/3 of the late, great Leather Uppers.
					- Christopher