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Re: L.C./rebecca west EP/asian-american bands

On Thu, 11 Apr 1996, Ms. Roderick Affleck wrote:
> > 	Hello, I'm a new Sloan net member and I have a question I've been
> > trying to figure out for years: What is an L.C.?, as in "she told me to
> He's talking about the Loser's Convention.  It's an anual event that takes
> place here in halifax, usually around the end of may or early june.

this is an old story, but oh well. :)
last summer when i was studying at universite sainte anne in nova scotia i
decided to come into halifax that weekend and visit my friend katrina for
her birthday. on saturday we all went down to the LC to check out the
events. i totally love IRC so we headed for that display right away.
katrina went to scope out murphy while i logged on - "sloan9" was my name.
lots of "sloan"s on that IRC, big surprise. i met this guy on there who
is in one of the bands in halifax (i'm not telling which one) and we
decided to meet up, since we both had plans to go see rebecca west that
week. anyway, it must be the air out there, 'cause we fell in love like a
bunch of crazy kids. so, it's kind of cool that sloan sings about the LC,
now it means even more. :) :)

speaking of rebecca west, lukas tells me their new EP will be out on
Cinnamon Toast right away. there's something to spend your tax returns on.
allison described the songs as sounding "wintery" and "not the feel good
summer hit". wicked! :)

and check out the fortune5 records compilation _ear of the dragon: 19
asian-american bands_ (american meaning north). mike belitsky, and i think
it's the same one from jale, maker's mark, and cheticamp, plays on this
with yanti arifin, plus there are tracks from seam, j church, versus, cub,
dambuilders, venus cures all, and tonnes more.


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