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Re: Superfriends !!

On Thu, 11 Apr 1996, Cat wrote:

> But a cruel fact is that Drew, with the exception of that girl from 
> cub (I'm sorry!  I can't remember her name!!!)  there are very few 
> orientals in bands.  Um, I really can't think of anyone else, othere than 

check out the year of the dragon comp. that came out last year.  it had 
lots of asian-friendly bands on it, and there was a tour that went along 
with it.  aMINIATURE, venus cures all (likewise chickenmilk), the 
aforementioned seam and versus (both of whom kick great amounts of ass), 
and many many more.

um, dambuilders and pest5000 come to mind (i don't know if they're on the 

on an ec tip: kearney lake rd, 100 flowers and now the euphonic have all 
been graced by the throbbing bass pleasure of henri sangalang.  he is one 
damn fine player.  also andy kim, drummer of tetrus, stone delta, infra 
dig and preppy relatives (briefly).  he's damn good too.


ps - indie rock is overwhelming white and male, if you think the number 
of asians in bands is disproportionate, try thinking of indie rock bands 
with blacks or any other ethnic group.  it's kind of scary, the numbers 
are very low.