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Re: L.C.

> 	Hello, I'm a new Sloan net member and I have a question I've been 
> trying to figure out for years: What is an L.C.?, as in "she told me to 
> loosen up on the way to the L.C."  Is this a Canadian thing?  If this has 
> been discused before you can mail me privately.  Thanks,

He's talking about the Loser's Convention.  It's an anual event that takes
place here in halifax, usually around the end of may or early june.  
People go to watch crappy music by crappy bands that nobody's ever heard of,
there are also display tents where people can go to collect and trade
Magic cards (and several other trading cards too;  I think the Pocahontas
series was really popular last year).  

There's also several contests during the weekend, like the "Who can inflict
the most brain damage to themselves/others while moshing", and the "Who
can look the stupidest by standing around wearing their trendy alterna-style
clothing" contest.  Fun stuff for the whole posse.
One of the more popular parts of the extravaganza has been the kraft 
dinner and spork potluck brunch.  Great food...mmMMMmmmMMmmmm, plenty of
clamato juice on hand too.

A new attraction last year was the computers they had hooked up to
the internet so that people could go on IRC while listening to bands play.
Unfortunately interest has been waning the past few years, and there's
talk of changing the name from "Loser's Convention" to "Winners without
any Winnings Convention", but "WWaWC" doesn't fit very well into a song,
so I doubt it will ever happen.

by the way, Chris Murphy has been the master of cermemonies of the convention 
since 1991, which is why he mentioned it in the song.  

I believe this year's L.C. runs from May 24 - May 26.  Hope to see you
all there :)

Mr. or Ms. Roderick affleck


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