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Re: Superfriends !!

maritess from radioblaster.
3/4 of versus
3/4 of seam

that's just a few bands that come to mind.


>But a cruel fact is that Drew, with the exception of that girl from 
>cub (I'm sorry!  I can't remember her name!!!)  there are very few 
>orientals in bands.  Um, I really can't think of anyone else, othere than 
>my cousins who were in bands, or one cousin who currently is.  I mean, is 
>it something about us that is uncool, or unhip and we just can't groove?  
>Or is it that the cool type of music is the syth-dance crap stuff that I 
>find a lot of orientals are into.  I rather think that my choice of music 
>is at least healthier.  Besides, they all dress up all posh and 
>stuff, trying to be real cool.  Any ideas people?  Just a thought... 
>> I don't think Karate man is about Drew... :)
>I once knew...  Hey cuz, any ideas??
>Cat  :)

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