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All ages in PEI

    It looks like CIMN shows might return to all ages starting the 
last week of april....the oh so wonderful SU is making the decision 
to show us some mercy and allow the "kiddies" to see a few bands 
since CIMN can't book too many (or any) shows for a while until we 
have some money. 

    Rumour has it that Eric's Trip and Orange Glass want to play PEI 
if they can get an all ages show, so hopefully the barn will be able 
to accomodate them.  But I gotta say...we don't want any Kamloops-
type events happening =)


ps/ April could be the best month to visit this fair isle for a while 
if you are looking for shows to see....there's 
nothing...zip...nada...going on here after the end of this month.