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Re: female bassists/Criss Smurfy

> but I get the sense, too, (from the two times I've seen them live, and the
> couple of shows I have on tape) that he doesn't play very solidly while
> singing. 
> he looks like he'd rather be just singing, or playing guitar.
> it seems hard for a bassist to sing lead without weakening the rhythm
> section.

I'd have to agree with Alex here.  I mean, how many bands are there that 
the bass player is a main singer?  Okay so there are exceptions like 
Criss Smurfy from Sloan or the Inbreds or Ginger.  And with regards to 
Ginger, I overheard a conversation Tom was having with someone that yes, 
it is difficult to play bass and sing at the same time, although I didn't 
find it affected the set they played in the least.

And on the topics of good bass players, what about Dave Bidini from the 
Rheostatics, and that guy from Big Sugar?  Now Dave plays a really mean 

Sorry for the lack of EC content...

Cat  :)