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big Halifax gigs

heh heh, I'm exploiting the sloan net connections here, even though I'm 
not really on sloan net. I hope each of you can forgive me. But I 
couldn't keep this news secret!

tonight, this thursday: the christopher robin device is playing with the 
ROME PLOWS (ploughs?) at birdland. burnt black are closing. $3.

then on saturday, christopher robin takes the stage again, opening for 
REBECCA WEST at the oasis. it'll end in enough time for everyone to see 
whoever's headlining at birdland that night. The marquee for the Oasis 
now reads "Xofer Rob Reb ECCAWEST", which is pretty bizarre.

if you don't live in halifax, but you live near moncton, there are 2 
really cool spca benefit shows happening at the esquire on Mt. Road this 
saturday and sunday. i bet someone's already posted about them, but I 
think the line-ups are: Saturday: burnt offerings, moonsocket, purple 
knight, bad luck #13 AND Sunday (ALL AGES): chinstraps, strawberry, and 
orange glass. so check that out. I put up posters around halifax for 
them, and some people actually postered over them. Can you imagine the 
sick self absorbed rockers who'd poster OVER news of an SPCA benefit show? 
Some people...

if you don't live anywhere near these shows, I'm sorry for filling up yr 
computer accounts with this exciting enviable news. take care, everybody!

				love to all sloan-netters,
PS: if this had been talked about a million times already, consider me 
filled with shame and embarrassment