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the last 2 days. (excluding "content wars")

Nannoo Nannoo.
Here are my thoughts on some selected postings over the last few days.
It is about half and half east/non.  You sticklers will notice that I am
posting everything at once, rather than in 7 pieces.  May you sticklers also
notice that; upon looking down on your shirt, there is no 'net police' badge
there. Ultimate power resides w/Mr. Covey (remember the
martial-law-managerboy?). He will get rid of the problems (I hope). No need
to dance around swearing like a bunch of chimps gifted with speech.
without further ado...

>kick ass or something-the oh so loved chris murphy has the same *well i can
>keep a beat* style too-oh well-
>if you want to hear some drum playing that just rides the music through &
>through-check out capsize7's album *mephisto* (in response to another

Check out the loud part of viewmaster, on Forever again. That's some pretty
cool 'chick' bass. :)  Also, I've always liked Cm's bass stylin's, especially
on peppermint's Sugartune...and the rest of peppermint for that matter... 
as for the drums suggestions, I would honestly suggest you listen to the
killjoy's starry
or better yet, go see them live. They were incredibly tight, and I swear the
drummer had to have elastic arms....

>it seems hard for a bassist to sing lead without weakening the rhythm
>how do y'all who play in bands feel about this?
>PS lest I should seem to be dissing Mr. Murphy's musicianship, I would like
>to say
>that he is my drum hero numero uno, baby. ;)
>well, he is pretty damn good.. no joke.

In my experience, it's best to trade of for a geetar when you're  gonna do
some serious singin' 'cause then the rythym section doesn't weaken, and It's
a lot easier to hear what you should be singing (notes) when you're playing
the (louder) guitar... It just feels weird to have no control over the
dominant melody that you're supposed to sing to... 
As to Chris Murphy's drumming talents,  as anyone who's sole function in a
band is *not* drumming will attest, Drums are the most fun to play out of all
the instruments. After seeing chris with the superfriendz however, I think he
should stick to the encore drumming and leave andrew to the fun stuff... Then
again, How wicked would a new sloan album be if Chris drummed and andrew took
over the front man role?

>What?  *Bass* (as opposed to base) is not easy to play.  The first person to

>extoll their virtues on the bass, while remarking how easy it is to play, 
>probably doesn't know how to.

I've always hated how people see bass as a way to start out in the music
world and eventually move on from, like a dirty habit.  Basically this is an
"I agree" message, but 
Ian has put into one sentance what I've been trying  to explain to other
people (i.e. *Oh*, you play bass... (Moves on to speak to guitarist).) for a
long time: That the bass was *not* invented for the

>I didn't think Mr. Cobain's suicide was that off-topic.  SloanNet was

especially when you see all the mentions of sloan in nirvana books, it's
There's the Come as you are book, and my brother was just reading this one
_route 666, the road to nirvana_ where sloan are mentioned in passing as
being in town.

>eric's trip - "smother" - on the _never mind the molluscs_ double 7''
>if you've not heard the originals and/or the covers, and don't know if you
>can find them, there are lots of people on this list who own them, myself
>included, who would love to tape them for you. each version of the song is
>pretty cool. the split 7'' has a lovely sparse (in my opinion, others seem
>to think it sucks) cover.

Never mind the mulloscs is available on CD from Subpop for 7 bux, which is
well worth the price... Regarding the split seven inch, I love the cover,
even printed it on a tshirt, but
I noticed something the other day... When I was lookin' through the Cinnamon
toast catalog, I noticed that their version of the cover has the top spinning
and the murder version that I have the top is on the ground, i guess...
 Anyway, Don't tell me that all 4 labels had different covers, 'cause I'm a
sucker for completeness....

6.) I got the new issue of chart, and I saw in the back issues that the sloan
flexi one is still available if you care, but I was wondering what was on the
Hardship post Flexi that was in chart? Also any new information regarding the
hardship post recording would be great. I'm dying to hear what they sound
like with alyson... Has anyone thought to tape the shows?

7.)I know I'm a little late in all this, but could someone send me a list of
all Orange glass's releases and ordering information? It would be greatly