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Re: ah... Alanis Morrawhatever...

>P.S. If could take the time to fill me in about the Early Years of the 
>E.T. members (e.g. Underdogs), I'd be much appreciative.  See yah.

Rick drew up an "eric's trip family tree" in the feb 96 issue of chart.  I
could try to type it up, but I'd probably just end up confusing you more.
Basically, mark has played in purple knight, whoremoans, the robins, no
explanation, dagamor, and others
Rick was in bloodstain, t.c.i.b, the underdogs (with both mike feuerstack
and mike prangnell), the forest, and others.
Chris was in dang, clarence, and the forest.
Julie was in the second line up of the forest before e.t.


p.s. I heard the new Broken Girl CD today, and I must say I'm impressed.
It's in much the same vein as the earlier 7's.  I know it was mentioned here
before, but I really like the song about Julie going to see elevator to hell.
"It's a lazy place.  It made me lazy."
                      -al tuck