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the super friendz

hey sloan net, this is Neal's friend Matt, and *this* is my story.....

April 4.  Vancouver.  UBC arts county fair.  I was in Vancouver for easter
and I found out the 'friendz were playing, so I hopped on a bus and went to
see.  But in B.C. the legal age is 19 (Alberta is 18) and needless to say
I'm not 19 yet, and so I had to watch the show from what was deemed the
"playpen."  The 'pen had a shitty view; I was humiliated and my plans were
shattered.  So I thought.  I had only two options: 1) jump the bouncers and
get my ass kicked or 2) break out of the 'pen, jump the barbwired backstage
fence and join the infamous 'friendz at their Winnebago.  On my way out of
the stadium, I noticed Matt Murphy walking away from a backstage outhouse.
So I flagged him down and he came over to greet me. 
"Nice day," I said. 
"Um...yeah," said Matt.
"You don't remember me do you?"
"Yes.  And get away from me you pervert."  :):):)
Well, not really.  Actually I told him my situation (he did remember me from
Edmonton, though) and he told me to climb over the backstage fence in an
area that had no barbed wire and meet him by their motorhome.  So I did.
And I have never seen so many security guards come running after me before
in my life (well, except for that incident at the seniors' village, I guess
:))  But Drew came to my rescue, I was so impressed.  The bouncers wanted to
see my backstage pass and before I could answer Drew said, "what, don't tell
me you *forgot* it again!?  You probably left in your other jeans like last
So then the bouncers wanted to see my name on the guest list, which they
couldn't find, and Drew added again, "What? He's not on there?  I made sure
I put his name on there."
But alas, they were bigger than Drew and even his ninja karate-man chops
could keep them from toting me back to the playpen.
You thought my story was over now, didn't you?
Well, later Matt came up to me by the fence separating the playpen and the
legal area and slipped his backstage pass off from around his neck and
through the fence.  So, I bent down and pretended to tie my shoe laces and
put it around my neck.  It was like an episode of Mission Impossible.
So the short of it is: I got to hang out with the super friendz all
afternoon on the grass.  The highlight of the day was when these girls came
up to us and asked "are you guys the super friendz?" and I got to pretend
like I was one too.  Charles replied  "Yeah.  And this is our keyboard
player.  You can't see him 'cause he plays from backstage."   Woo-hoo, I was
a rock star there for a couple of minutes.  Charles told me that dealing
with rock-stardom is easy: "Just be yourself around fans and they'll get
bored with you and leave."  Then I took off.

Matt Pahl, Super Friendz correspondent in Western Canada

P.S.  Charles said something about a possible 10" on murder soon.
"It's a lazy place.  It made me lazy."
                      -al tuck