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Re: Sloan/et songs

where to find these songs in all their incarnations:   :)

sloan - "laying blame" - on the american "take it in" promo and the UK "i
         am the cancer" single

sloan - "stove/smother" - on the compilation _dgc rarities_

eric's trip - "stove" - on the full length _love tara_

eric's trip - "smother" - on the _never mind the molluscs_ double 7''

eric's trip - "laying blame" - on the cinnamon toast compilation _trim
               crusts if desired_

sloan - "stove/smother" *and* eric's trip "laying blame" are on the split
7'' put out c/o murderecords, cinnamon toast records, sappy records, and
cargo records as a prize for a funding drive at CKDU 97.5 fm in halifax.

if you've not heard the originals and/or the covers, and don't know if you
can find them, there are lots of people on this list who own them, myself
included, who would love to tape them for you. each version of the song is
pretty cool. the split 7'' has a lovely sparse (in my opinion, others seem
to think it sucks) cover.