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bass, etc

the name of the bass player from scarce is joyce raskin, for whomever was 
asking.  she's freaky, like a muppet or something, but really not a very 
interesting bass player.  good moves.

to lukas: kevin shields plays all the bass and guitar on those my bloody 
valentine albums, as far as i know, but the bass lines do, indeed, rock.

on the ec-bass-front:  peter boileau.  peter boileau.  peter boileau (i 
really hope i spelled that correctly...) H&H were so good.  also, lenny 
from the plows is incroyable ... for the opportunity to see the much 
touted melissa andrew in action, come to the gradhouse on friday night, 
8:00pm, pete johnston quartet will be in effect, as they say.

two words says it all about the bass: godhead silo.  the rhythm section 
goes keee-razy, inbreds got nothing on this duo.  check 'em out.


ps - anyone here know the difference between an "explitive" and an 
"explicative?"  some do not...