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Re: state champs/ A History

Here's everything I know about State Champs.  (Incidently, I've never
actually heard them.)

(I hope the author of this doesn't mind me posting it.  Nothing
incriminating; only useful info)

>the state champs are (currently) mike, mark, andy and yan.  they have
>existed in this line-up for approximately a week and a half. (written
>april 3)  friend of
>the band yan, joined after the recent departure of bass ace jon dacey.
>mark and andy started jamming together in 1992 with jube bernard on
>drums.  jube left and was replaced by the brother and sister team of dan
>and laura beazley.  they called themselves corduroy and played a show in
>PEI with merge.
>in 1991 mike was in thrush hermit, but in 1993 he wasn't.  he formed
>essen with friends matt kelly, mike edwards and kim stewart.  kim quit
>and the band played as a trio until jon came in on guitar.  essen played
>a lot of shows, including cool shows with spool, pest 5000, eric's trip
>jale and more.
>in summer 1994, corduroy became state champs, and essen and the champs
>played a world famous show at the khyber cafe.  shortly after this, essen
>broke up.
>in fall, 1994, laura left the state champs and was briefly replaced by nina
>martin.  shortly after a shopw at the 1994 pop explosion, state champs
>broke up.
>mike from essen began jamming with mark and andy, and jon soon joined in
>on the action.  raleigh sport was born!  raleigh sport existed from
>september, 1994 to february of 1995.  they released three or four tapes
>and wrote a lot of songs.  lo-fi experimentalism, attitude and attitude.
>sounds like shit, charming as hell.
>with some offers for shows and some bright prospects in the impending
>future, the sport recliamed the state champs name (because they liked it
>better)  and moved away from the hissyhissy home-recording sound to a
>more mature, rockin' groove.
>state champs are often compared to pavement by people who have never
>actually heard any pavement.  state champs have a wide variety of
>influences and inspirations, with two full-fledged record geeks in mike
>and mark. archers of loaf, jon spencer, swirlies, and many many more all
>play a role in the champion sound.
>after a show as raliegh sport at the ckdufm funding drive, the band was
>approached by up and comers daydream records about doing a 7" record.
>the nevada downs single came out in summer, 1995, right as the champs
>returned from a brief tour of the american northeast, playing shows with
>tortoise and others.
>jon dacey left the band in march of '96, and was replaced by yan raymond,
>whose quebecois flavour is expected to take the champs to a higher level.
>the band has released a few indie cassettes and have plans for a new
>split single with the motes (june?).  a cd5 should be out by the end of
>the summer.
>look for the champs on tour in june, and again in august.

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