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Re: bass

> any song. Ever hear of a rythym section?  
---a rythym what??
> Someone else posted about CM from sloan, and they are absolutely correct, 
> some of his bass-lines are freakin' wicked
---That "new" song on the left hip comp, "Every needle..", THAT song has 
---definately got the funk. Oooh yeah, Billy Jean..
> We can't forget dave from the inbreds either, shit he's probably one of 
> the best bass palyers out there.
---Nope, you mush be talking about Getty Lee (SP?) of Rush, he has more chops
---than a butcher. 

As for this whole girl thing.. I dunno why people even had to bother 
discussing this.. it seems that by the year 1996 people would have learned
about the whole empowerment deal. "Anything boys can do girls can do 
better". I don't find it threatening to see a girl who can play an 
instrument well, why are people even implying that girls can only play 
bass? I don't see it as even being an issue to discuss. 

Mr. Plow.