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West Coast content

Actually what I think holds SloanNet together is that most people think
it's this weird sitcom.  Kinda like Cheers, except instead of Diana, Sam
and Coach you have James, Mike & various Taras (I'm not going to offer a
who's playing who, some other brave soul can do that).  Like Cheers, which
is set in a bar, it has a backdrop of a band, Sloan; and every now and then
the scriptwriter's say "Oh, yeah, don't forget to work Sloan in this week."
just like they always had to work the bar in.  And amazing scriptwriting it
is: so true to life (sometimes we here in Olympia, WA think everything
going on is real).  Drama, loves stories, low comedy: that's what makes a
good email list.  Bands?  Bands are really cool when you see them, sorta
fun to talk about afterwards, but hard to have staying power.

I didn't think Mr. Cobain's suicide was that off-topic.  SloanNet was
actually where I heard about such events first; sorta funny since I live 60
miles south of Seattle.  (Maybe I just need to get out more often.)  But we
don't have to talk about it if you don't want to.


PS  The "content" of the subject line does not imply "containing" but "a
warm fuzzy feeling."

"We're not going to allow any open sex, drugs or parties," Methodist Jerry
Love said.  "We're a very conservative group of Christians who just don't
like to wear clothes."