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female bassists/Criss Smurfy

Lukas Pearse said...

>But seriously, on the talent and inspiration tip, tons of bass 
>players are about as exciting as wallpaper, which isn't to say they 
>aren't talented, but rather unexceptional.  Maybe some of you don't 
>notice the boring guys playing exactly what's expected of them, but 
>you're more liable to notice a woman playing poorly 'cuz you still see 
>her as the exception on stage, and think she has to work twice as hard to 
>be able to play with the boys.  That subtle sexist attitude sucks maybe 
>more than overt sexism because it's harder to recognise and talk about.

Lukas makes a really, really good point here. Nobody ever notices the bass
except other musicians, but everybody notices The Chick In The Band. 
personally, I don't fall into the trap of judging female players too harshly,

but only because  I rememeber the many mediocre and very bad 
players (on all instruments) I've seen playing in bands, most of whom are
to say that there are no good female musicians just because you don't know of
seems kind of stupid. 

anyway, indie rawk isn't about technique. ;)

on a related (sort of) point:

>Yeah, Chris Murphy is a cool bass player because he grooves in an 
>understated way on record; as for live, I havn't always been sure that 
>paying bass is really what he's interested in most, and I'm sure that 
>it's his songwriting, not his bass playing, that earns him a place in 
>many people's record collections.  If he didn't sing, I'm not sure we'd 
>discuss his playing .

I **really** like his playing on record.. he does some really neat, melodic
especially on "2R". he obviously has his chops together, too.

but I get the sense, too, (from the two times I've seen them live, and the
couple of shows I have on tape) that he doesn't play very solidly while
he looks like he'd rather be just singing, or playing guitar.

it seems hard for a bassist to sing lead without weakening the rhythm
how do y'all who play in bands feel about this?

a l e x

PS lest I should seem to be dissing Mr. Murphy's musicianship, I would like
to say
that he is my drum hero numero uno, baby. ;)
well, he is pretty damn good.. no joke.

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