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Re: bass

> As for this whole girl thing.. I dunno why people even had to bother 
> discussing this.. it seems that by the year 1996 people would have learned
> about the whole empowerment deal. "Anything boys can do girls can do 
> better". I don't find it threatening to see a girl who can play an 
> instrument well, why are people even implying that girls can only play 
> bass? I don't see it as even being an issue to discuss. 

There was a Rolling Stone interview a long time ago with Chris
Franz(?) and Tina Weymouth, and they asked if their kid is musically
inclined.  They said he is learning drums, but has no interest in
bass, because, as he put it, "Bass is for girls".  I think I remember
a similar comment from Kim Gordon's kid, but I may be hallucinating
that one.