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ah... Alanis Morrawhatever...

Wow, it seems the battle is over!  Phew...
I just got the Stareoscopic Scary Show in the mail today (I was 
beggining to get a bit worried, I'm quite a paranoid guy) and I have a 
question for anyone in the know.   Inside the 'zine, it has an Elevator 
to Hell Discography, and the 4th song and final entry is called PART 
THREE "a 10 song e.p. released on 12" and on CD with the first ablum."
Does anyone have any information on this release!  I'd be thankful if 
anyone could fill me in!
	About the compilation, it's really great.  It's funny to hear 
the Underdogs song (which is really good!).  I only know Micheal 
Feuerstack from Snailhouse!  Are the Wooden Stars any good?  Are they 
more like Snailhouse or the Underdogs?  (just some of my many 
questions).  Hmm.. Micheal F. must have lived in the East Coast for a 
while right?  I thought he lived in Hull or something like that...sorry 
to ramble.
	The Villanovans, Thee Suddens, actually everything is good.  The 
live E.T. song at the end just goes to show that a full length live E.T. 
album is much needed.
	Thanks for reading,

P.S. If could take the time to fill me in about the Early Years of the 
E.T. members (e.g. Underdogs), I'd be much appreciative.  See yah.