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Re: sort of mean?

> There's a vein of psychological thought that suggests that people often 
> mirror what they think about themselves by lashing out at others.  Again 
> there are times when you must speak up for yourself and protect your own 
> interests.  You have to learn the difference.

Several leading psychologists have confirmed that I really am a lesbian
trapped inside a man's body.


Pee Esses:

Winnie the Pooh junkie heather h. has informed me that Christopher Robin
Device are playing birdland tomorrow night with the (Mr.) Rome Ploughs.  
and on Saturday the Device will be on display at the oasis to coincide
with a Rebecca West show.  I imagine the oasis show will start late, and
the turdland show will start really late.

Speaking of Rebecca west...well actually not, but anyway.  Lucas, you 
mentioned that Langston played bass on the first three Throwing Muses
albums, but I'm almost positive she was on the first four.  Unless you meant
that Hunkpapa isn't worth getting (which is debatable.  but not debatable 
here :)

Scarce:  Joyce doesn't actually play anything very technically exciting,
her gift comes from putting several orders of magnitude (see?  I really
am a science student) more energy into her playing.  That's what makes her
so good.  And she writes purdy songs too.  A question for all you folks
on the scarce mailing list:  I think I read in an interview that the band
was thinking of recording a few additional songs to add on to the album
before it gets released.  Are they going to bother?

last friday's cafe olay show:

I missed the Blue Tile loungers, which is sad, because I hear that they are
a worthy band. 
I did manage to catch the Motes, who managed to make us feel all cosy and
warm thanks to their lovely log-burning-in-fireplace video tape.  There
were no chestnuts to roast, and the peanuts didn't last very long either.
They seemed a little bit looser than I've sometimes seen them, but still
an excellent set by anyone's standards.  I think that most of the songs
the performed were new ones, and most of them were ass-kickers.  The
sound quality was tolerable too, I think that must be a first for the
cafe o'shit.  
The preppy relative was supposed to play that night as well, but he
showed up pretty late (like during the motes).  I figured that, yeah well
since he bothered to show up at all, I guess he's still going to play.
This is the reason why I stuck around for Six Too.  I can't say I really
get into his thing.  Highpoint of the show was seeing Six play the drums
while Chek Luv played the bass.  Then for the rest of the Chek pretended
to play, while uh...dj moves or somebody pretended to play drums.  That
was amusing oh..for about 10 seconds.  Oh yeah, and the sound went all
to hell for his set too, couldn't hear any vocals because the tape was
turned up way to loud.

by the way, does anyone else find it interesting that with the exception of
Check Luv, there really aren't any well known black hip hop performers in
Halifax?  Does anyone know why this is so?  I realize that I personally
don't have a whole lot of interest in hip hop, so of course I don't go
out in search of new acts.  Yet, I have sat through several Hip club groove,
six too and stinkin 65 shows; it's a little too easy to be aware of them.
So why no black artists?  As far as I am aware of, halifax has one of (or
the) largest black populations of any city in the maritimes, and surely
there must be a few that are into performing hip hop.  So do they just
not have the money to get good equipment and stuff (that doesn't seem to
stop six too), or do they just not have enough white friends who run
record labels, what?  Am I totally off the mark here?

Anyway.  stuff to think about.  And as already mentioned, the tape that
comes with the new left hip is amazing.  Very strong songs by several
people, highpoints are the Motes (probably the best song they've ever
recorded - plasticmorontree), State Champs, Chris Mopey, and Six Cents
and Natalie doing True Colors.
Only one real bad song on the whole album, and unfortunately it's the 

that's all.



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