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bands & ...SLOAN NET responsibility

just wanted to write a short note to inform sloan net ppl. from nf that 
there are two shows a-happening this weekend(the 12th & 13th?).  on 
friday: tough justice and co.& saturday: drive and co.  5$.

the significance of this is that they are being held at newfoundlands 
newest alternabar- "the muzak".  it is located above trapper john's on 
george st. and, to my understanding, is "managed" by potatobug's own, 
brian downton.  i haven't been there yet, but they have been opened for a 
week or so and may be the new hot spot in our fair community.

i don't know if anyone has done this yet, but in their "'zines" people 
should profile venues the same way they do bands and record labels.  good 
idea for NFs {only(?) 'zine at present} "granite".


also, re: ec/non-ec riot:

personally i don't mind what people write about, as i am smart enough to
find the messages that have east coast content.  i enjoy the chatter
between the boyz n' grrls caught up in the fights about the
"contreversial"  material.  but, if you care, the problem would be solved
much more qwikly if people left the disciplining of the insubordinates to
the "manager", mr. covey, instead of 50 people telling geneyus where to
go.  and if mr. covey does not think he can handle them, they will be sent
to me to be spanked.  ok, that last part is completely selfish, but
something _has_ to be done, and...well...i don't mind getting my hands

i've said too much.


p.s.   chmr top 3: 1. sepultura  2. lush  3. skinny puppy

p.p.s.  thanks to the gals and fellows who responded to my request for 
drummers to cool my loins.  i already knew a lot of them, but there were 
some good finds.  land ho!

"i got more balls than the harlem globetrotters"-bloodhound gang