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Re: be gentle

On Tue, 9 Apr 1996, David Chorney wrote:

> >TALENTLESS-it just seems to be *ohh let's have a chick in our band-it
> >shouldn't be too hard to find one who can keep a steady beat*-i'm not
> >knocking on women in any way as a whole-or saying they can't have any
> >artistic merit just the american bass playing variety blow really hard-if
> >anybody would like to send me (i'll pay ya' don't worry)-some examples of
> >some true inspired talented dynamic whatever female bass playing to change my
> >mind i'd love it to high heaven-& of course not to say all male bass players
> >kick ass or something-the oh so loved chris murphy has the same *well i can
> >keep a beat* style too-oh well-
>         No offense, but no one would ever say that the only reason that a
> guy is in a band is because he's male.  Yes, you are knocking women, and the

Bullshit! It just happens that most bass players are unnoticed... and on 
top of that males tend to dominate the music scene...that's the way it's 
been going.  So what you're trying to say is that no one can make a 
remark generalizing women and their prevalence in the music scene without 
being sexist? I think he was trying to ASK for some women who ARE good at 
what they do...i'm sure there are some... and i'm interested too.  Women 
tend to get stuck behind the base, which sucks...but it must produce SOME 
good musicians...!  Base is kinda easy to play, but like someone else 
said, hard to perfect.  

> sad part is, you won't even admitt it.  I'm starting to play the bass now
> (switching over from guitar) in my band, and i hope that you won't hate me
> just because i'm a woman.

oh please!
>         - elizabeth