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sort of mean?

>At 06:08 PM 4/9/96 -0300, you wrote:

>>no, people came to sloan net because they want to talk to me.  close 
>>minded neo-hitlers.  oh, yeah they also want to talk about (*duh*) good east 
>>coast independant music.  this, waye, is why no one wants to talk about 
>>sandbox and co.  also because they are a regional embarrasment.
>>maybe if they had added it in a "ps" to a relevant post, no one would 
>>mind, but inspiring an entire insipid thread devoted to this is sheer lunacy.

>>your stupidity is nothing short of breathtaking.  what is this list 
>>about?  gee i don't know .. why? because i am lame.  i am a fucking moron 
>>who can't figure out his ass from his mouth.

There's a vein of psychological thought that suggests that people often 
mirror what they think about themselves by lashing out at others.  Again 
there are times when you must speak up for yourself and protect your own 
interests.  You have to learn the difference.

>>east coast discussion list 
>>= east coast bands.  i would like to exist in a mailing list whose topic 
>>is east coast bands.  i don't give two shits about what the fuck is 
>>happening at lee's palce next week, and if i did, i could read eye weekly 
>>or now any other TO rag.  please spare us from your sactimonious 
>>bullshit, and don't you DARE talk dowm to anyone.

I don't believe I mentionned anything about Lee's Palace or any other 
Toronto bar.  You've got a very large chip on your shoulder that needs some 
polyfilla.  I know that this is an east coast mailing list.
>>not everyone has the single-handed ability to lower the collective IQ of 
>>a mailing list by 50 points with one post either.  by george, i think 
>>you've done it.

Hate to inform you but, you're use of explicatives drops the collective IQ 
to sub-human levels.  I can battle you with vulgarities or bomb you with 
love.  Either way, someday you'll get the message.

>>ps - fuck off 

Ps. thanks for the vote of confidence