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Re: Newfie Chicks

Yeah, sorry, i only mentioned Liz, but there's more around here... and 
someone did already bring up Nat...  There's also Pamela Morgan, Anita 
Best, Christina Smith... tons and tons of traditional chicks, i guess 
i'll soon find more and introduce 'em too!
Louise? hehe

On Tue, 9 Apr 1996, Louise Barton wrote:

> This is the first time I've checked my mail in over a month so I'm sorry 
> if this seems to come a little late but...
> I can't believe that all this conversation about Maritimes chicks in 
> bands in going on and nobody (especially the Newfie subscibers) mentioned 
> Nataly Noseworthy of Potmaster. Not even Mr. James Covey himself 
> mentioned her in his big hit list even though I know that he does love 
> the band. Anyway Newfoundland has more than one woman who kicks ass on 
> stage and I'd just like to start off the list by adding Nataly Noseworthy.
> Jud