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Bass Chicks

On  9 Apr 96 at 21:03, Bucketridr\!/aol.com wrote:

}If anybody would like to send me (i'll pay ya' don't worry)-some 
}examples of some true inspired talented dynamic whatever female bass 
}playing to change my mind i'd love it to high heaven

The best bass chick plays bass for a band led by a guy named Chick.  
Scarce, from Rhode Island.  Probably Halifax's favourite out-of-town 
performers.  Only thing is, I'm drawing a blank on her name, and I'm 
trying so hard to think of it thet my head is about to explode.

I can't believe I just wrote that.

Insensitive Andrew

PS Yeah CM laid down bass grooves for HCG and he was definitely on.  
Or try the gig about 3 years a go when somebody broke a string right 
at the start of the show so Chris did left of center as a rap.   
More Phat bass.  Don't dis the Smurf.