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Re: bass

re female bass players...

It does seem as though when there is only one female in a band, she is 
playing bass. Pixies/Pumpkins/Sonics come to mind immediately. Couple
local bands as well. I don't really a difference in talent between
female/male bassists however.

It has been said that bass is easier to learn to play adequately, 
compared to guitar. But in order to play bass WELL it takes more skill.

ROCK, in general, means loud guitars. The bass is just sorta there. It
is an instrument that always seems to be looked down upon. It's a 
mentality created by the worshipping of guitar gods. The masses didn't
listen to Entwhistle's killer lines or Noel Redding's improvs - all of
the focus was on Pete and Jimi or Jimmy Page and not John Paul Jones.
I'm not saying that the masses were all ignorant boobs, but those 3
bassists were incredibly talented.

Anyway, if the boys start a band you can be sure that they want to be
in the spotlight playing GUITAR. Let the girl play bass in the corner.

If you want to hear some killer female bass playing - check out Defunkt.
Or the second to last White Zombie album - Sean Yseault is one hell of a

Of course I can't think of any female Les Claypools or Geddy Lees, maybe 

I think that if you just listen to tons of rock music, you won't find
that most of the male bassists are playing anything interesting either.


Chris Murphy is a GREAT bassist. Have you even heard Twice Removed? He
plays some of the most melodically sublime bass on that album - holy 
frig! He knows his chops. I remember him getting on stage a few years 
ago at the Double Deuce with maybe Hip Club Groove. He started kicking
out some of pretty phat funk grooves on bass. I couldn't believe how
well he could flow on the four string freestyle funk tip  :)

i better stop before I alliterate myself to death!

the major rager on the four string mutherfucker,

(that's Jamz introducing Cliff Burton....remember when Metallica were good?)