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Re: the stareoscopic scary show

This is just to clarify a little error, which is not Neal's.

>MUSIC - all are previously unreleased record by rick. 

Not quite true.  The song below is also on the ep "Flipper gets a car,"
released by them in May last year.

>VILLANOVANS "drives me" - too heavy for me. But, there is one part of the
>song that's cool when it slows downa bit.

I had clarified this privately to someone before, but here it is for all of
you to see.  This is not a good example of what the Villanovans do.  This
was a song Peter wrote because he was feeling a little upset about a
collapsed relationship.  It turned out a punk song.  It would almost be
better if Rick hadn't put this on the tape cuz people get the wrong
impression of what the Villanovans do, and what they are.  

Sorry if I sound like I'm apologizing, but I kinda feel that because of this
people might not pay any attention to them, simply because they sound like a
straightforward punk band, when in fact they're not.  Yeah, I'm in the band,
and yeah we think the song turned out ok, but it's just not really us.  I
realize what Rick was doing and what he said in the book's intro when he
explained that the songs he chose exemplified (sp?) the mood of the
recording session.  I really didn't think we felt/sounded that angry.  It
would just be a little disappointing if people passed us off as a punk band
when we really aren't.  Oh well, what can you do?

Sorry for the length.

Feeling a little uneasy about posting this,
Ryan Sherwood.

Any questions?  Write Privately.

ps:  I hope Tom Hayden's unsubscribe post has put some things into
perspective for everyone.  I for one felt awful about it, even though I
haven't been much of a part of the discussion/infighting going on.  Just
think about it for a little while.