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coyote - sexier than you

coyote have *broken up*?? aw man, there goes one of halifax's best live
acts. :( :(  they rocked your bum like no one else could. please post
details if you have them.

someone made a generalization about girl bass players in america being bad
musicians...anyway, as stated earlier by several people, melissa from
piggy is quite talented with both an electric bass (although i can't stand
one of the bands she plays in, hush, she holds her own from what i've
heard from those who have seen her more than once) and with her stand up
bass in piggy. if you haven't been fortunate enough to hear this calypso
band from halifax, try to order a tape. maybe one of the labels out there
will do a single or a cd with them soon. i know the cinnamon toast people
*love* them. :)

spencer asked about the state champs. i haven't heard anything new from
them in about six months, but last i heard they were moving more and more
towards their own style (a LOT of people compare them, favourably, to
pavement - mark's singing has a lot to do with that). james c. describes
them as "shambling but clever lo-fi with one foot in the american indie
rock aesthetic and the other planted in the Halifax pop scene." he *would*
say that. :) i've seen them play live five times (if you don't count
basement rehearsals) and was usually impressed, although things were a
little hazy on canada day. hey, do they still play "wine makes us"? i
think they are doing a few dates in addition to the loud music festival
but maybe mark can post about that.

also, the kamloops riot story...sorry i wasn't clear about this, but the
monoxides are from the riverview, new brunswick area and that's why i
posted that news item, i figured some of the kids from home would like to
know it was at their show. bob sanisoft reeves said it was reported in the
local hfx papers but the bands involved were not mentioned by name. sorry
if i didn't make the reference very clear.


ps/ for the record, i'm a nice kid, geneyus. :)  i come with character
references. that annual general meeting reference was a joke for all my
fellow campus/community radio types on this list who understand the joys
:) of AGM's. that's why it was in the post-script, it wasn't really meant
for every single person on the list to get. sorry if you think i'm a
fascist, but we know better...

ps+/ although he can be a little sassy (or is that saucy), mdc often has a
point to his posts and it is worth it to take what you may consider to be
bad so that we can get the good stuff, too.

 Tell me a story, help me forget I'm gone,
 My marmalade."
                   -The Geraldine Fibbers-